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 Weapon Creation Template

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Validus Visage

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PostSubject: Weapon Creation Template   Tue May 26, 2009 5:34 pm

Background Information

Creator: (The creator of this unique, or modified weapon.)

Wielder/Holder: (Whom is it, that uses this weapon specifically?)

Type: (Which weapon type would this categorize under? Or is it entirely new? EX: Shotgun, Dagger, Sniper, Sword, Halberd, ect.)

Material: (What is the material used for this weapon. Unless you are a Chronos, you may not use the same material used for Chronos weaponry!)

Appearance: (What does this weapon look like? Describe its edges, hilt, ect... Or simply send a picture.)

History: (The origin of this weapon, where did you come accross it? or did you craft it through blood sweat and tears?)
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Weapon Creation Template
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