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 Character Template: Apostles of the Stars

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Validus Visage

Validus Visage

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Name: Validus Visage
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Character Template: Apostles of the Stars Empty
PostSubject: Character Template: Apostles of the Stars   Character Template: Apostles of the Stars Icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2009 6:21 pm

Personal Information

Name: (Your characters full name, first and last, you may disclude your MI or middle name if you'd like.)

Age: (Your characters age, please be reasonable. Please keep in mind that sweepers must be at least 15 to get a liscence so make sure you are at least fifteen if you plan to be a sweeper)

Birthplace: (You can simply make this up, if neccessary. But, be sure it goes with your characters actual birth.)

Gender: (Male/Female)

Appearance: (What does your character look like physically? What would be best is an actual picture, and a description, at least a 3 sentence description, or you could simply post a picture, or only describe yourself in words. But, just to address... You MAY NOT look the same as anyone else, unless you two are literally twins in-character.)

Special Characteristics: (Anything unique about your characters phsyical appearance? Perhaps he/she has a split personality? Ect...)

Personality: (What sort of personality traits does your character have? This can be in and out of battle, or just a general judgment of your character. But, your character must go along with these traits, or they wouldn't be logical. This must be at least 3 sentences long.)

Detailed Information

Rank: (Which rank is your character, as an Apostle? Note, you must start as the basic rank for this faction, unless you were given special permission from an admin, which permits you not to need it.)

Weapon: (Does the character use a weapon? This may be a primary and a knife. By primary we mean, a pistol or a meele weapon that is not overly powerful)

Attachments: (These are unique add-ons to your primary weapon, thus making it powerful, or more advanced. Special permission is required in order to start with attachments.)


Power: (The name of your Power.)
Description: (Describe your spell, and what it does exactly?)

Classiffication: (you have to start with a lvl 1 power. as your power increases, the change in level will be posted here by a staff member)

NOTE: These should all be basic abilities, or lower-leveled powers, unless given special permission from an Admin to start with stronger powers.

History and Role-Play Sample

History: (This is a detailed biography of your characters life, up until this point. It is expected to be at least 5-8 sentences long, but, you may make it longer if you wish. Some examples you could add to this, are how you became a Chronos, your birth, how and when you received your specific skills, ect...)

RP-Sample: (A role-play sample. This must be ar least 5 sentences long, and please try your best.)

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Character Template: Apostles of the Stars Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Template: Apostles of the Stars   Character Template: Apostles of the Stars Icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2009 6:28 pm

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Character Template: Apostles of the Stars
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