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 Character Template: Criminal

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Validus Visage

Validus Visage

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Name: Validus Visage
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PostSubject: Character Template: Criminal   Tue May 26, 2009 6:27 pm

Personal Information

Name: (Your characters full name, first and last, you may disclude your MI or middle name if you'd like.)

Age: (Your characters age, please be reasonable. Please keep in mind that sweepers must be at least 15 to get a liscence so make sure you are at least fifteen if you plan to be a sweeper)

Birthplace: (You can simply make this up, if neccessary. But, be sure it goes with your characters actual birth.)

Gender: (Male/Female)

Appearance: (What does your character look like physically? What would be best is an actual picture, and a description, at least a 3 sentence description, or you could simply post a picture, or only describe yourself in words. But, just to address... You MAY NOT look the same as anyone else, unless you two are literally twins in-character.)

Special Characteristics: (Anything unique about your characters phsyical appearance? Perhaps he/she has a split personality? Ect...)

Personality: (What sort of personality traits does your character have? This can be in and out of battle, or just a general judgment of your character. But, your character must go along with these traits, or they wouldn't be logical. This must be at least 3 sentences long.)

Detailed Information

Classification: (What rank is your character, as a Criminal: E, D, C, B, A, AA, S. Please note, that all criminals can only start as Classification E-C at most, unless given special permission from an Admin to start higher.)

Felony: (Which crime have you committed, that has started your life as a criminal? If this is a major felony, then, you still need to apply to the Class E-C rule, but others will be more cautious of you, probably overestimate you.)

Weapon: (What weapon does your character use? you are allowed one primary and a knife. by primary, we mean a pistol or a meele weapon that is not overly powerful)

Attachments: (These are unique add-ons to your primary weapon, thus making it powerful, or more advanced. Special permission is required in order to start with attachments.)


Ability: (The name of your Ability.)
Description: (Describe your ability, and/or what it exactly does for your character or his/her weaponry?)
Class: (On a scale from 1-100, which would this Ability be under? The more, the stronger and more dangerous it is...)

NOTE: These should all be basic abilities, or lower-leveled abilities, unless given special permission from an Admin to start with complex powers.

History and Role-Play Sample

History: (This is a detailed biography of your characters life, up until this point. It is expected to be at least 5-8 sentences long, but, you may make it longer if you wish. Some examples you could add to this, are how you became a Chronos, your birth, how and when you received your specific skills, ect...)

RP-Sample: (A role-play sample. This must be ar least 5 sentences long, and please try your best.)

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PostSubject: Re: Character Template: Criminal   Tue May 26, 2009 6:30 pm

*bump* edited
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PostSubject: Re: Character Template: Criminal   Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:28 am

For my character's ability, does it mean like a fight style?
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PostSubject: Re: Character Template: Criminal   

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Character Template: Criminal
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