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The World is open, the day is new, and its time to catch some crooks, or become one yourself! Become a sweeper, and clean up crime for money, or be a member of chronos and erase people from the world. Drink the rare tao water and gain special abilities
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 Apostle Jobs

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PostSubject: Apostle Jobs   Wed May 27, 2009 2:20 pm

Apostle Jobs could be anything from just wreaking havoc in a city, to assassination. Beware, doing illegal acts can still get you put on a hitlist.

Jobs are assigned by the Messiah of the Apostles. He posts them and then the members may go off and do the jobs.

Jobs are rewarded with Chi. As the Tao want to get stronger with their powers, they focus and train to gain chi, and make their powers more effective.

Some Tao become so advanced with Chi that second and third powers could open, or they could improve their powers and get them to higher levels

Ex. (Creed's imagine blade had a lvl 1 ((invisible)) lvl 2 ((monster)) and a lvl 3 ((fused)) )
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Apostle Jobs
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