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 Raidon Saiyaku (Criminal)

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PostSubject: Raidon Saiyaku (Criminal)   Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:12 pm

Name: Raidon Saiyaku

Age: 23

Birthplace: A small shack in south side Tokyo

Gender: Male

Appearance: Raidon Saiyaku has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is somewhat muscular and around 6'2. He is always wearing his odd outfit which is a sort of signature clothing style of his.

Special Characteristics: Has the kanji for disaster on the back of his neck.

Personality: Raidon Saiyaku is a short tempered person with a weakness for being easily annoyed. He can always find something negative in everything such as personalities, looks, clothing, ect. But, it helps him in battle because he can find flaws in his opponents fighting style. He is known by a few close friends for often drinking too much but never getting drunk.

Detailed Information

Classification: A

Felony: His first crime was killing the assassin who murdered his brother

Weapon: He uses a sword with gloves that send electric pulses through the blade.
Attachments: His gloves can send small, electric pulses through the sword that will shock anyone that it touches.


Ability: Ability Flaw
Description: Raidon can simply fight his opponent for a few seconds and discover a weakness in the enemy’s fight style that will give him an advantage in the fight.
Class: 80

Ability: Electric Pulse
Description: Raidon’s gloves send electric pulses through his sword that slightly shocks anything the blade makes contact with, giving Raidon at least 5 seconds to attack his opponent again while he/she is still fazed by the attack.
Class: 39

Ability: Electro-Magnetic-Pulse
Description: Raidon can send a wide ranged electric pulse through his sword disabling all electrical appliances within a 100 ft radius but will not enable him to use any of his electric powered abilities for 10 minutes.
Class: 10-50(depending on how much the opponent relies on electric-run objects)

Ability: Thunder Pulse
Description: Raidon sends an incredibly powerful electric pulse at his opponent. If it makes contact with his target, it will leave him unconscience and he might possibly dislocate his right shoulder.
Class: 100

NOTE: These should all be basic abilities, or lower-leveled abilities, unless given special permission from an Admin to start with complex powers.

History and Role-Play Sample

History: Raidon was born in the south side of Tokyo in a small shack where his mother died of child birth. His father was killed by a police officer for attempting to rob a store for food when he was six years old, leaving his older brother, Kin, 19, to take care of him. When Raidon turned 12, Kin was killed by an assassin, for a reason that Raidon still tries to find today. Raidon took his brothers sword and gloves, buried his brother, and switly left. He was taken in by a man named Matsuro who trained him to fight along with a girl named Sakura. After 5 years of training, he left and hunted the assassin and killed him which began his life of crime. He now lives by the words the assassin had told him before dying: “The world has been cruel to me, so I'm just being cruel in return.”

RP-Sample: Raidon stood face-to-face with the CEO of a powerful company who he was supposed to kill. His blade was drawn and he was pointing it at the man. He had killed several men before him and had always had this thought before he killed: Aside from being paid, why should he kill this man? But in the end, he always came to the same conclusion: “The world has been cruel to me, so I'm just being cruel in return.”

He lifted his blade and quickly beheaded the man without thinking. He walked down the stairs, passing the dead bodies of the guards he had killed on his way up. He walked out of the building as cops began to arrive. Then, without looking back, he triggered the detonator to the bomb that he had planted in the building earlier. He didn’t care about the other people in the building who may have been innocent. His job was clear: “Kill the CEO and cause havoc in the building.” He turned around and watched the building collapse in flames with no expression on his face.
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Raidon Saiyaku (Criminal)
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