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The World is open, the day is new, and its time to catch some crooks, or become one yourself! Become a sweeper, and clean up crime for money, or be a member of chronos and erase people from the world. Drink the rare tao water and gain special abilities
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 King of the Thevory World

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Name: Naesala R. Kurth
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PostSubject: King of the Thevory World   Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:52 am

Naesala had taken the advice of Number one and desided to stay out of the spot lite. He had decided to construcket plans that would keep him out of the spot light, but his men would still be out there. He had made plans similer to the ones you would see in Movies such as Ocians 11. He had decided to rob an emence bank silently, his men would slip through while a gang of punks that Naesala hired would attempt to rob it. He was in a van parked 2 blocked away leading te operation.
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King of the Thevory World
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