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 Chronos: Style Templates

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PostSubject: Chronos: Style Templates   Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:46 pm


Creator: (The creator of this Style.)

Caster: (Who is able to use this Style, does it only apply to a specific agent?)

Requirements: (These are special requirements neccessary to achieve this Style. Sometimes it excludes everyone but the user him/herself such as Chronos Training, neccessary for that persons expertise.)

Faction: (Which faction does the user, or the Style itself belong to? This must be Chronos, unless you're a former Chronos, and managed to survive the number 'I's assassinations.)

Name: (The name of your Style.)

Description: (Describe what this Style looks like, and what it does.)

Rank: (The rank of this Style on a scale from 1-100.)
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Chronos: Style Templates
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