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 Eri-Ro's song

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Eri-Ro's song Empty
PostSubject: Eri-Ro's song   Eri-Ro's song Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2009 10:23 pm

Actually it's Erica Campbell from Lemon Angel project, that's the real name of the girl in my avi. This song is sad and it lets you see Erica's situation clearly. Erica Campbell is singing this song. This is from episode 4 of lemon Angel project.

Here's the video:

This song doesn't fit my character..

But if the lyrics translated to someone being forced to drink something that will bring both pain and happiness to them, losing your twin sister, never knowing your mother and pretty much my character's life story. Then yes it would fit....the tragedy side that is.
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Eri-Ro's song
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