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The World is open, the day is new, and its time to catch some crooks, or become one yourself! Become a sweeper, and clean up crime for money, or be a member of chronos and erase people from the world. Drink the rare tao water and gain special abilities
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Name: Aisu Koushaku
Faction: Apostles of the Stars
Rank: Pawn

PostSubject: Training   Thu May 28, 2009 8:46 pm

Aisu, outside of the temple, practices his powers. Aisu first created 30 chards, then sends them to a tree. The tree froze from the shards, then Aisu kicked the tree, thus making the tree crumble into pieces. "Well, that went well". Aisu trained with his powers for about half a hour, then stopped to take a break. Aisu took a sip of his ice tea which he loves to drink everyday. "Ahhhhhhh, nice, and cold. Thats how i like it". Aisu takes another sip of his ice tea, and went inside to the temple. "Well, I should take a nice nap now". Aisu went to his quarters, laid on his bed, and dozed off to sleep.
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Name: Rei Kerote
Faction: Sweepers
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PostSubject: Re: Training   Thu May 28, 2009 9:34 pm

((ooc: why was this topic locked? 0.o well in any case its been unlocked until valid reason is given for the locking.))

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