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 Adrien Kain

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PostSubject: Adrien Kain   Thu May 28, 2009 5:39 pm

Personal Information

Name: Adrien S. Kain

Age: 20

Birthplace: Chicago, IL

Gender: Male

Ht: 6'1

Wt: 185lb

Family: Adrian Kain - Father
Emilia Pendragon - Mother


Special Characteristics: Depending on His personality depends on his eye color. His eyes are either red or blue. When is good personality is in control is eyes are blue, but when he goes into a state of rage or into battle his eyes burn red. He also has a scar over his right eyebrow resembling a cut., also he is rather well at hand to hand combat.

Personality: Adrien is a very kind and gentle heart person. His mind allows him to enjoy life and be one of the nicest people that one can meet. However, when it comes to his job, he is completely different. He is merciless and has no visible feelings of remorse or care. All of this is compacted into his mind which is why his personality changes.

Detailed Information

Rank: Pawn

Weapon: A knife clipped onto his boot and a pistol on his side.

Attachments: N/A


Power: Manipulation Of Fire (Fire elemental)

1) Able to create orbs of fire from his palms. He is able to propel them by flicking his wrist or arm depending on the speed and distance. A flick of the wrist would not nearly going as far as like throwing a baseball. The fireball does go out when it hits something. The thing hit, if not resistant, has about a 65% chance of catching on fire.

Colors of Flame - Depending on level it can range from Red, Blue, White, and Black. Red being the weakest and black the strongest/hottest.

Classification: All are Level 1

History & RP-Sample

Adrien Kain was born to a Mr and Mrs. Adrian Kain. Both of them were normal people to Adrien. His father however was a skilled assassin of the modern age. Adrien stayed with his mother when he was a child as she taught him how to do little things and take care of himself. Whenever his father was around he would put Adrien through intense physical and mental training, giving him the impression that his father hated him for some reason. Adrien disliked his father, but still loved him for being so.

Adrien's mother took him around the world. Visiting places in Africa to the Empire State Building in new York. He loved to travel as time moved on, but also he loved to fight. His mind was splitting even at the young age. He would catch himself talking to himself in his mind and actually arguing. Finally when he was around the age of 16 he left. Adrien decided to travel on his own. He had become ambitious and wanted to find his father who had disappeared. Adrien grew up fast as he traveled through many countries in search. He had no worries of money as his mother had gave him millions of dollars to live off of while on his travels.

When he turned 18, he found a map which was suppose to be of a remote place in central America. His mind was strong as he decided to go alone. A treasure was suppose to be with in the place. Hoping that his father would have been there, he decided to take a look. After finally finding the place after months of searching he came across a strange temple unlike those he had seen before. Within he found some unique water of type. He was unsure of what to do with it until a man appeared to him. the man spoke to him as if his best friend telling him to drink the water and that is was known as Tao Water. Giving him information that he otherwise would have no idea about.

Adrien drank the water instantly. At that moment, a surge of energy shot through him. This was the moment his personalities split and his eyes changed. The man watched and smiled. Adrien felt intense heat if not pain in his hands. The man talked to him and took him back to a place where he was. The man called himself "Teacher." The man taught Adrien how to control his powers to a point, also revealing that there was a chance that his powers could grow. Before he left, Adrien was given instructions of being a member of the Apostles and to seek them out.

This Adrien was 19 and traveled once more. In Egypt, He was contacted and alerted by an Apostle. Adrien knew that this was his destiny, and the philosophy made complete sense to him. Ever sense, Adrien met with with them and do some bidding of the Messiah. Once Adrien turned twenty he went out on his own and was able to do the bidding on his own without constant watch.

Adrien walked through the streets of the large city of New York. He passed by countless strangers, most looking at him for his unique attire. his body was fit as his mind was key. He smirked slightly as his bright blue eyes rested upon people in the part. He did not mean them any harm, but everything was going as planned. In that same second, his eyes shifted red. A new personality reigned in his mind. His smirk turned into an evil grin. "This should cause some problems," Adrien spoke in a heartless tone. He raised his hand slowly as a bright red glowed began to appear. A red orb then formed in his palm. People started at him with horror. The red orb them produced flames around it's outer exterior.

Adrien the threw the flame towards the suspecting victims. The fire ball flew and smashed into a tree catching it instantly on fire. The heat could be felt as the trees caught slowly on fire. Adrien's eyes then turned back blue as he turned away. He shook his head as he walked away. People screaming all around him. "What a waste of beauty," Adrien spoke in a more kind tone. As he went on, he vanished within the crowds of people as the fire department rushed to the scene.

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PostSubject: Re: Adrien Kain   Thu May 28, 2009 6:00 pm

just do history and rp sample and were good
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PostSubject: Re: Adrien Kain   Thu May 28, 2009 6:42 pm

Alright I approve of this.

Level 1: You are able to use fireballs effectively, and as level proggresses you will unlock another power, and then at level 3, you final power.

Alright this application has been...

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PostSubject: Re: Adrien Kain   

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Adrien Kain
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