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 Kota Neiro: Chronos # 'II' finished!!!

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Name: Kota Neiro
Faction: Chronos
Rank: II

PostSubject: Kota Neiro: Chronos # 'II' finished!!!   Thu May 28, 2009 3:10 pm

Personal Information
Name: Kota Neiro

Age: 20

Birthplace: New York city USA

Gender: Male


Special Characteristics: none

Personality: In battle: serious and calm
Out of battle: hot headed, funny, jokes alot the opposite then in battle

Detailed Information

Number: 'II'

Tattoo: Located on the Upper arm

Expertise: daggers but more specifically the sai

Weapon: a pair of sais

Weapon Name: Umbra (it's Latin for shadow)

Attachments: a small loop at hilt of sais where he ties the wire for sai-wiring


Style: Night Walking: Enables you to proceed movements, without being heard, entirely silent.

Class: 70

Style: Sai-Wiring: Using wires, wrapping them around the Sai, and effectively using it against opponents, also trapping them. The wire is incredibly hard to see, and it is of strong material.

Class: 90

Style: Sai Whirlwind: Due to Chronos training you are capable of spiraling your Sai rapidly, as if morphing them into a virutal chainsaw, using them the same way. Also, you can spiral them rapidly, and then fling them directly at the opponent with immense speed, and power, and razor sharp accuracy.

Class: 50

History and Role-Play Sample

History: His parents were ran of road when he was ten. He was place with a foster parent, who was a black belt in okinawan shorin ryu karate. He trained kota. This is were kota first learned how to use a sai. After his foster parent died he was 15. He ran away and eventually join one of the major gang. The used him for assassination cause of his background is karate and sai skills. He was found by chronos. They found him cause the gang told him to kill a target that chronos was also after. He killed the target first. Chronos then took him captive and asked if we wanted to train in exchange for a better life. He accepted the offer. He was now 19, he had completed the chronos training. He was told he would become chronos #2 if he killed the old #2. The gang he used to be in. He wiped out the gang, even the friends he made in it. The only one left was the spear wielding, former #2. The battle lasted 3 hours, it took him in all to wipe out the whole major gang. He is now chronos #2.

RP-Sample: Kota was out side of a guarded room. His target was in there. His target was the daughter of a U.S. mob boss. He was here to give him a message. He silently killed the two guards out side before they could make a sound. He entered the room. "I said not to come in." said the mob boss's daughter. "Don't worry there both dead." said kota. The girl got out of the chair she was sitting and turned to him. "What do you want?" she ask. "I'm here to give a message to your father." replied kota. "It sucks I have to kill you, if I didn't have to i would of asked you on a date." "What!" yelled the girl. Kota rushed at her. The girl screamed. A few mintues later the mob boss ran into the room with four guards. The girl's corpse laid on the floor. A pool of blood around her. There was a note on her shirt. There was a whole that went right through her neck. The note said:

Don't mess with Chronos.

You've been warned,


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Validus Visage

Validus Visage

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Name: Validus Visage
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PostSubject: Re: Kota Neiro: Chronos # 'II' finished!!!   Fri May 29, 2009 4:22 pm

Nice app, and bio was cool.

And I already know you're well-aware that the old Chronos had become extinct, but, since you have killed the former 'II' it shows that that number, had faked his death.

This app is officially...

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Kota Neiro: Chronos # 'II' finished!!!
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