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 Validus Visage

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Validus Visage

Validus Visage

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Name: Validus Visage
Faction: Chronos
Rank: I

PostSubject: Validus Visage   Wed May 27, 2009 4:03 pm

Personal Information

Name: Validus Visage

Nickname/Alias: Commissioner or Commander, and only by fellow Chronos operatives. It isn't neccessarily used in a formal manner, but, sometimes it is. Most within the Chronos Headquarters simply refer to him as "Commissioner" or "Commander" throughout the entire time he is spoken of or spoken to. Others outside of Chronos, don't usually end up getting to know his name, or nickname.

Age: 21

Birthplace: Messina, Sicily

Gender: Male


Special Characteristics: Validus has a genius IQ, and is often much faster then the average human. His proccess of thought comes to thinking very quickly, and he has photographic memory, when he chooses to pursue memorizing something, although he does this sometimes unknowingly.

Personality: Validus has an interesting personality. Usually, outside of combat he is calm, cool and collected. Adding to this, he can get irrittated if he were to discover someone talking behind his back, or making fun of him, unknwoingly of his presence. Validus also dislikes when others tease him, or expect him to do foolish things. Thankfully, Validus makes an excellent leader, and is always coordinated while in battle. Validus normally thinks a few steps ahead, and is very insightly, being capable of knowing someones true nature, simply by glaring at them. In battle, Validus seems to be more aggressive, and keen when taking down an opponents or opponents, he is also very confident in battle, of his own skills, and expectations. Validus uses taunts against his opponents, somewhat frequently in battle, thus provoking him, for he likes to kill his opponents at their greatest potential. Validus is also somewhat manipulative due to his intellect, able to twist minds through words, or actions. When others are formal, he is normally polite. Doing his job, Validus is completely ruthless, for that is a key that every assassin should bear. Validus is also ambitious, pursuing goals short and , long-term through reasonable means. Validus is very accurate, and keen with his duties, and knowledge of many things, especially close-ranged combat.

Detailed Information

Number: 'I', Commander/Leader of Chronos, aside from the Elders.

Tattoo: Validus's "I" tattoo is within his right hand, the bottom of the 'I' near the end of his palm, and the top of the 'I' in the center of his hand, it is noticeable, when he wants it to be. Although this isn't required, his reason for placing his tattoo on his right hand, is because that is the hand he most frequently uses while wielding his primary sword, he feels it transmits his own instict, and personality into the sword, spiritually making it more devious, and accurate thus proving him to be at least a little spiritual as well.

Expertise: Sword(s)


Name: Ordo

There is a small incrimate against the hilt of the sword, which isn't visible to the naked eye, nor a scope, possibly a microscope though. It was designed to be completely hidden, and the wielder of the sword must notion in a specific way to trigger the sword itself. Basically, it extende the original sword, by 20 inches, making it very longated, and refined.

Also, the tip is extremely sharp, and accurate, designed to hit the opponents body in various ways. It is a double-edged blade tip, simply a single-edged, as most katanas are.


NOTE: My character knows, and has mastered all 36 of his styles, and through time I will add more, but, these are all he has revealed to opponents, and currently all I can use in Role-Play. So, this may be edited, if I find my character deserves it, of course with Staff approval.

Style: Masterful Precision
Description: Due to highly-skilled training, Validus has learned to make his sword completely swift, discarding all sound and movements, which leave an image of him in his wake.
Class: 90, only due to the fact, that it makes the sword practically invisible when using the style to its greatest potential.

Style: Shadow Step
Description: When used like a master, it enables Validus to dart from one position to another, almost instantly. It is actually immensely high training involving the speed of himself, and his movements as he does this is almost-invisible.
Class: 90, since it makes the user practically run/move instantly, as if he were teleporting from one place to another, and also since Validus has mastered this style.

Style: Focus
Description: The user basically puts themselves into a special formation of sword-fighting, thus enabling the person to gain the highest level of concentration, due to the Chronos training, and, when aimed, and prepared to strike at a single person, it makes this move 95% accurate, if aimed at the right location using the exact formation. Once hit by this style, the opponent normally dies, or falls unconscious instantly.
Class: 90, since this usually never misses, and it takes alot of concentration from the wielder, this being, Validus.

History and Role-Play Sample

Validus was born in a rural area within Messina. Validus's father was involved with the Sweepers, while his mother was an ex-criminal, and then, a stay-at-home wife. Validus's father was normally outside of their rural home due to extensive travelling throughout the entire world. After gaining many riches, his mother had chosen to lie low for a while, and be a 'better' mother. Among Italy, Validus's father was one of the most prominent of his class, and had quite the reputation for cleaning up crime, and lowering the criminal rate immensely. His mother, whom used to be under an Alias, and masked, was also notorious, but, her infamy only lasted for a couple years, since, after a while, the 'criminal' never started showing up again. Most of her felonies were robbery. Validus had been born literally within his home unexpectedly... And this would start his journey into the world.

Ages 3-5
At the age of three his mother had already been teaching Validus of his homely duties, since his mother was quite the lazy ex-criminal, and Validus excelled... As a maid. Eventually, after arriving home finally, after a few months of travelling, Validus had immediately shown signs of interest in Sweepers, Criminals, Organizations, ect... As well as politics. So, the father using his knowledge, had decided to teach the little Validus how to become a prominent crime-fighter... As well as teach him some advances in politics, for his father was normally around politics, due to their immense bounties. After a year, Validus had become 4 and was proven to learn of many things, which showed his genius IQ. After 1 year of private training, more combat involved from his father, Validus had become a Jr. Sweeper, whom had secretly been apprenticed under the prominent Sweeper, his father. When he was 5 years old, his father had to split up, due to an immense bounty-count of revolutionists, and he had ordered his son to command others for the defense of their town, Messina. At a young age, he had proven to be a leader, and he actually led them in certain operations, causing everyone to be suprised. The provoking-revolution had gone to an end, after the comined efforts of father and son.

Ages 6-12
By now, Validus had started going to school, and literally skipped two grades ahead due to his superior intelligence. His fellow classmates were 2 years older then himself, so he had matured more quickly then others. During this time, he had continually aided his father, in local bounties, but remained home with his mother when his father was out, internationally. While he spent his time at home, he had chosen to research the way of the sword, and came up with all these different formations, ect... He immediately was led into interest of this fascinating topic, and used some money he had to buy his first sword, which was made of simply steel. He began self-teaching himself thanks to the internet, and chose not to waste time. When he was tired of training, he'd go study at the library about multiple topics, specifically those involving strategy, and military operations. By the time he was 12, he could already be involved in an actual military career thanks to all of his training.

Ages 13-18
When Validus was thirteen, he was secretly given a Sweeper license, and escorted his father now globally on bounties, also, at this time he continually used the sword, which was puzzling from his father, because swords were less effective then guns, average ones that is. After successfully capturing a few criminals, a shady figure had revealed himself, this was 2 years later, so, Validus was 15. This shady figure had claimed that he was sent to assassinate Validus's father, the figure wielded a sword, and bore it excellently, ten times greater then Validus's own prowess. Immediately, by suprise, he had gotten in front of his father directly, and like every assassin, proved ruthless, for he killed his father, without even allowing his father to finish pulling out his revolver he had carried with him. Validus had armed himself, and challenged the Assassin 1-on-1, but, with the first strike, this assassin broke his sword in two. Secretly, the Assassin claimed he would spare the childs life, and spoke of vengeance. Thus, leading the child into a gloomier trail. By the age of 17 he had become extremely ambitious, and actually begun seeking out the assassin he had confronted a few years ago, he had already graduated about 2 years prior from High School. At this time, he was an official Sweeper, and a skillful one at that, with a new sword, and equipped with a pistol. He'd spend alot of his time studying, and by now was an expert tactician, he remained home with his mother, whom had been filled with grief a few years ago. After a couple months of following his frequent Sweeper duties, the Sweepers, two of them, had actually come to his house by suprise, while he was away, and they had captured his mother, for her bounty. Validus was left alone, and was peronsally invited to her execution, a very deppressing sight. He had seen his mother get fired upon, thus ending her life instantly... With this witnessed, he became furious, and from that day on, retreated back to his home... Secretly, like a hermit. At the age of 18, he was a vengeful, lonely hermit, who only hated the world, he had burnt his Sweeper clothing, and identity/license, and was now a lost, ordinary citizen.

Ages 19-21
Eventually, at the age of 19, Validus had discovered a familiar, shady figure, like he had many years ago. For he finally went outside to train. It ended up being the same man, and this man had actually chosen to seek him out. He claimed that it has been many years since he had revealed himself, or spared a life, and that a secret organization, Chronos had found him out, so he was forced into exile. The man seeked a pupil, one whom could take his place. In exchange for Validus serving him, he claimed he'd give Validus an oppurtunnity of revenge, but only after he achieved something... Which is becoming the new 'I', or the first roman-numeral. For a couple months, at age 19, the former 'I' in exile was privately training Validus. This finally led up to him giving off the location of the Chronos Headquarters in Venice, where he'd be specially trained by the greatest figures in assassin history. With the former 'I''s word, Validus proceeded the academy. They had immediately approved of his entry into Chronos, since he had shown he was a capable ally, and opponent, one of the greatest freshies whom discovered Chronos and applied for it. For two years, still having the former 'I' in mind, he became the top in his class ever, with the Blade, having to kill off competition, and assassinate prominent officials during the proccess. They had trained him into being an elite assassin, and a new person in general, giving off secret Chronos knowledge about Styles. He had graduated, in only 2 years, the quickest of any graduate yet, knowing all 36 styles, which he had made himself partly, of the sword, and was given the title of 'I'... He had become the commanding assassin within Chronos, through his genius. As the 'I' his first action was to truly see how great he was, and he proceeded towards his old home, in the farmlands of Messina Sicily. There, he saw the familiar presence, whom had taken refuge. And, with his sword armed, an Oligarchum-made sword, given the name 'Ordo' resembling 'Order', he had darted towards him with his new unique styles of combat. There was a clash, and then a battle of one seeking revenge, that would last for 3 whole hours. The battle was impossible to hear, since they were both masters of their art. Eventually, using strategy, and maintaining coordination in the proccess, as well as provoking the former 'I' he had disarmed him, and damaged the pressure points. Now, in an old executioner style of proceeding with death, he had offered the former 'I' to give his last words. His last words were "It is your burden now, you must uphold... The title, of 'I'. You truly are an assassin, the greatest i've seen in years..." And with this said, through vengeance, and ruthlessness, he had strucken the former 'I' down, known to be the best of his time, now had a successor. As the new 'I' the Elders felt as if the rest of Chronos had been growing to become weak, and disposable, so, on their order he became their greatest pet, and the Elders had ordered him to assassinated the rest of Chronos of its former age... So, on orders, he had done just that, all by suprise as well, killing concealed, as well as killing personally, in duels with certain former numbers. He became the only Chronos, but, it is growing once more again, with better numbers then ever before, Validus was sure the former Chronos were all dead, but, it was rumored that after their deaths a burials, some could've been in hiding. After dealing with personal matters, and satisfiying himself, he had learned to become the greatest leader he could be, and brought the new Chronos on many operations under his command, he had proven to be the greatest 'I' in history... And still roams, as the greatest 'I', to the day...

RP-Sample: N/A. Was given special permission.

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Looks Good, nothing against rules

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Validus Visage
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