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The World is open, the day is new, and its time to catch some crooks, or become one yourself! Become a sweeper, and clean up crime for money, or be a member of chronos and erase people from the world. Drink the rare tao water and gain special abilities
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 Sweeper Abbilites

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PostSubject: Sweeper Abbilites   Wed May 27, 2009 2:52 pm

Abbilites are listed in the character applications and may be used by any sweeper user.

These abbillities are more or less something the user has trained themselves in. Such things as speed, strength, senses, lockpicking and other such things.

Any abbillity is allowed as long as its within human parameters

(ex: Someone may be extra muscly, but may not shout lazers out his mouth)
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Sweeper Abbilites
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