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The World is open, the day is new, and its time to catch some crooks, or become one yourself! Become a sweeper, and clean up crime for money, or be a member of chronos and erase people from the world. Drink the rare tao water and gain special abilities
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 Chronos Weaponry

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PostSubject: Chronos Weaponry   Wed May 27, 2009 1:52 pm

Every member of chronos is entitle to their own weapon. you may only choose one, unless they come in pairs.

This is a weapon the user has mastered to its fullest potential.

The weapons are made from orichalum, and unbrakeable substance which makes the weapon indestructable.

there fore, the weapon can block bullets, slashes, explosions, anything.

also, the weapon has a name of sorts ((ex. Train's pistol was named Hades))

Finally, the numeral of the user is etched into the weapon somewhere.
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Chronos Weaponry
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