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The World is open, the day is new, and its time to catch some crooks, or become one yourself! Become a sweeper, and clean up crime for money, or be a member of chronos and erase people from the world. Drink the rare tao water and gain special abilities
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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Wed May 27, 2009 11:44 am

First and Foremost, i would like to give full credit to the code geass rpg forum. Their structure, rules, and overall workout made this site possible and i am thankful for their permission.
the above link is their site. Visit it and join up!


Basic Protocols:

1.) Only one account per person and one character per account, unless special permission is give by an administrator

2.) While in the ON THE JOB forums, you must always post in character. any out of character lines must be made like this
((ooc: this is an out of character post. you may put your sentence in here.))

3.) You may not post anything sexually pornographic or explicit. This will result in an automatic permanent ban without warning. Keep things pg-13

4.) No godmodding or controlling others characters. Example: You may post, "Frank: impales Tyler with a sword" ...but you may NOT post, "Frank: impales Tyler with a sword and Tyler starts crying and running away." Everyone has control over their own character, but no one else's.

5.) Use correct grammar and punctuation. And no run-ons either. It's rly hard to understant whem u tak like this see wut i meen it can be hrd to reed wut iam sayin so use the rite grammar nd puncuaton plis.

6.) No all powerful or all knowing characters. Like no characters that know everything or that don't get hit while fighting. In short, every character is bound to get hit once in a while. ((dodging is perfectly fine against created enemies but keep dodges limited when fighting another character.))

7.) Try and avoid to be in too many topic's at once. Its hard juggling topics. Trust us, we know.

8.) Please respect other members, mods. and Admins. Do not say anything that would be raciest or offensive in any other way against someone else, for it will result in immediate ban or some other form of punishment.

9.) Avatars and signatures can't be too big. If they are, they will mess up the page. For now I won't post specific sizes, but if either avatar or signature stretch out the page, then a staff member will ask you to resize, change, or delete it. If it is not dealt with within a reasonable amount of time, then it will be deleted.

10.) Your character application (or Character Sheet, as you may hear it be called sometimes) MUST be approved before you can roleplay IC. Also custom weapons and special abillities must also be approved

11.) The staff members get the final say. No arguments. We try our best to be fair, so if you have a complaint or anything, PM a staff member and we will try to resolve it to the best of our abilities. Current staff members are Church, Yuki_rose and Validus Visage.

12.) Please don't argue in the chatbox or in topics. I know sometimes it's unavoidable, but if you feel that you have to settle an argument, please do it through PM, where other members don't have to put up with it. And follow rule number 8 while you're at it. And don't continuously PM someone if they ask you to stop. This will be considered harassment if they tell a staff member.

13.) Don't kill another person's character without their permission, or your character may end up being killed and remember, though this is a fictional RP site, a character's death will still be permanent. If one of your characters die, you may create a new one but keep your original character alive for some time. Remember when your original dies, you lose his rank, squad, everything.

14.) I probably don't need to even post this but, no spamming anywhere but in the appropriate forum for it. Including PMs and the chatbox.

15.) While IC (in character) then please don't post any one-liners. It's really annoying to the person who posts a long and descriptive post and the only reply that someone posts is, "Scipio nods in agreement." It also makes the topic get boring, really fast. The only time one-liners might be allowed is in combat or something, say you're fighting one other person in a battle. It can be hard to write a lot when all you do it maybe dodge a few shots and attack, then wait for their post. 5 lines minimum please. This way, the next poster in the topic has something to work off of.

16.) Your character can't resemble a character from the games too much. No cannon characters please.

17.) No one can copy our site's layout, or the way we build our site in any way, along with our rules and information section, any guidelines, character, or templates. Anyone caught doing this will be automatically banned, and will have more complaints than they can count at their site that they made where they stole anything from ours. If you do plan on making something similar but a different style ((such as the same structure but with gears of war)) please ask permission from one of the staff members first.

18.) Please, please, please NO roplaying sex. its just wrong to even begin with. Dates among characters is perfectly fine, but keep it pg-13

19.) Please don't spam through PMs. Advertising your site through PM makes it seem like you have something to hide that you don't want the admins to see in public. It counts as spam, and will be dealt with harshly. If anyone's sending advertisements/spam through PM to you, just tell me who's doing it, and their ass is grass. this is why we have an advertising section.

20.) This is not very strict of a rule right now, but don't post in peoples' character applications. I guess it can be alright if you know the person, but seriously, leave it to the staff members. That's what we're here for, and it can be rather annoying and demeaning to have someone trying to do our job for us. Any posts posted in character applications without permission will be counted as and dealt with as if they were spam.

21.) Some people are allowed second accounts. It's a privileged, not a right. Both accounts must be active, and log on at least once a week, or the inactive one will be deleted. If your account is deleted for inactivity, then it will be some time before you may be allowed to have another one. Usually second accounts are created a few months after the first one, from getting bored of your original account. So please don't sign up and right after your first character is approved, ask for a second.

22.) Sometimes people use line breaks (shift + enter, or just enter) to make their posts look longer. please dont. only lines with words in them that are FULL will be counted. if this is done too many times and the character is posting short lines with spaces, sorry, but we'll have to punish you.

23.) This rule isnt terribly strict but we would like a posting order to keep everyone on the same page. This means if bob makes a topic then steve joins, then matt joins, matt and steve cant just go back and forth for three pages. The posting order would be bob, steve, matt and then repeat.
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The Rules
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